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In conjunction with the 25th anniversary of the legendary Air Force 1, Nike Malaysia, like any other Nike offices in the world, will be organizing an event to commemorate the one show that defined the meaning and brought sneakers into a whole new level.

And it is only apt that they chose my man, Point Blanc to record a single about them AF 1's; not only is he a true hip-hop artiste, he is also a bona fide AF1 sneakerhead! This dude is crazy about his AF1's as much as I am crazy about my Air Jordan's!

But more importantly, it is good to know that finally, credits and props are given to where and whom they are due. Point is one half of the Malaysian rap group Poetic Ammo and while he's had his shares of ups and downs in the local music industry, it is only a testament to his greatness that he is still very much into the game.

The Malaysian music industry - especially the Hip-Hop genre - needs people like Point; one who dedicated his life to the art of rhymes and not just for monetary gains. The Hip-Hop industry in this country is pathetic, to say the least. There are too many haters and posers who know nothing about the culture that peeps like Point and I are so passionate about.

Before this entry becomes my avenue for thrashing these motherfuckin' homos, I will revert back to what it was originally planned for and that is to honor and salute one of Malaysia's true-blue Hip-Hop artistes.

I was privileged to be given a CD of his singles and I can vouch for the quality of them songs (note to Point: dude, I had to listen to the radio and had to download it from your website to hear it hehe). And I may not be an authority on local Hip-Hop but I sure do know a fucking great music when I hear one!

And this is one of them, I kid you not...

If you have had the opportunity to listen to them, you will know that what makes them special is that it came from the heart of the MC; no pretense, no bullshit...

But then again, such is the character and integrity of this 'Cina Man' from Ipoh...

My hats off to you man...


I hope I get invited to the event as I am looking forward to the song as well as Point's performance.

Nike Malaysia: Take this as a hint :)


Point Blanc said...

Wow. Thanks for the post bro. I don't know what to say man. Coming from you it means a lot to me. Thanks again for the supprt and friendship.

Lol, I'll replace your CD the next time I see you. if possible it would be great if u can pas the one to me so I can sort out the problem.

Tell me how many peeps you coming with to the AF1 party. I can't promise lots of invites, but you're DEFINITELY

Thanx again bro, will be @ Laundry tomorrow at around 10, u goin?

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