Damn! What the fuck is wrong with me???

I have a meeting tomorrow morning later and here I am blogging my sorry ass at 2 in the morning!

Man, what the fuck is wrong with me?


I am supposed to see the Human Resource head of Nestle to collect my appointment letter as well as finalize my entry into the Nestle family. I am also scheduled to meet with the dude I am going to report to, an Aussie whom I think is a real great guy, as well as my new staff. Oh yeah, I also need to go for a medical check-up after that (you know how it is with MNC's)

In all fairness to myself, I went to bed early. I actually went to bed at 10 pm, hoping to get up around 8 something so that I have enough time to prepare myself for the meeting. (I'm one of the worst people to wait for when getting ready; it takes me hours literally and my Small Baby always say I am worst than most of her gf's)

Anyways, oblivious to the world for sometime, I found myself awake and I really thought it was the morning already. I felt fresh when I woke up and I thought it was around 6 am, I lazily continued to stay in bed for another hour. And when I knew that sleep wouldn't come back to me, I drag my lazy ass off the bed...

And when I glanced at the Astro decoder, to my horror it was ONLY 2am!!!

What the fuck? Why is this happening to me? Why can't nature give me my good solid 8 hours (preferably more actually) of peaceful sleep? Dude, how lah like this? Most likely, I will be extremely sleepy around 6ish and how the hell would I wake up to go to my 11am meeting?

I seriously don't know... But I'm pretty certain I'm screwed.



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