And She Blogs...

In February 2006, she became the most-searched person in the internet amongst Asians, particularly those from Singapore and its neighboring countries. She was 17 years old and a cheerleader who attended Nanyang Polytechnic.

She drove everyone in Singapore into frenzy when recordings of her sexual exploits with her boyfriend were posted all over the net. And everyone wanted to watch the cell phone-recorded clips...

She is known to the world as Tammi and she continues to Blog!

Honestly though, I have to give it to her. For anyone not to go bonkers with embarrassment with what she had to go through is hard, what more when you were only 17? To be able to move on from the nightmare she went through shows a good head (no pun intended) on a young woman’s shoulders and a fighting spirit that many adults would want to have.

I just hope people will allow her to live her life and stop the unnecessary bullshits that they always give her. If she can move, why can’t they?


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