And my choice is...

Finally, I have made a decision...

After months of grueling interviews, intense negotiations and ample time for considerations, I have finally made up my mind as to where I would professionally be heading to *big sigh of relief*

Having jumped into my dream job without any due consideration of the consequences, I leant my lesson well, albeit bitterly and at a price. This time around, I was wise not to jump into anything without seriously deliberating first the pros and cons of each and every offer.

Of all the offers that came my way, I narrowed my choices down to two organizations - Celcom and Nestle. Either way, I would be richly rewarded with great and lucrative packages but my final decision was based on which organization gives me a better future as well as which one allows me to make a difference.

Celcom fulfilled all the above expectations; it's a stable public-listed organization - even if it is a GLC - and more importantly, the opportunity to lead a team whose main task is to create a paradigm shift vis a vis the people's perception towards the Celcom brand is truly a great motivation.

Let's face it, Celcom has always been perceived to be a 'Melayu' brand and to have the opportunity to change this is something any marketer would jump at, not only for the kind of work that needs to be done but if one is successful, it would truly be a defining moment in one’s career.

Nestle also fulfilled all the expectations; it's a multi-national and the biggest F&B organization in the world. It has brands that are so famous worldwide that they are synonymous with their respective categories. Who hasn’t heard nor consumed brands such as Nescafe, Milo, Maggi, Kit-Kat, etc.?

The Malaysian office has a great working environment with great people who are dedicated to the development of all the brands it carries. What more can a marketer ask for, really?

So, basically, both have their respective pulling powers and as I have already mentioned, both offered lucrative packages, Celcom’s offer is slightly more because of the position; GM - Brand Management while the position with Nestle is that of Group Brands Manager. The titles may differ but the scope of job, in actual fact, is the same.

If you were me, which one would you choose?

This was the dilemma I had for almost a month; I seriously couldn’t pick which one...


Until Celcom made me realized that the right choice was actually obvious and easy!

Thank you Celcom for showing me.

If truth be told, I was more inclined to take on Celcom's offer but even before I could officially commit, they have proven to me that my final decision was indeed the right thing to do.

I haven't even formally committed yet and I already became an unwilling victim of a "power struggle" by two different parties who represent the classic 'old-school' versus 'new school' type of management. I forgot that office politics, whilst present in almost every organization, is very much a normalcy in GLC’s!

Damn! I was nearly blinded by my idealism to produce great work that I almost forgot one of the most crucial factors in making the right choice - compatibility!

Thank you Celcom for showing me that some things would never change.

Dude, would I have fitted in well with a Melayu organization?

Hell no!

Hence, the winner is…


I'm taking over the Chocolate & Confectionary Business Unit as Group Brands Manager overseeing the Malaysian, Thai and Vietnamese markets.

Kit-Kat anyone? :)


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