Should I or Shouldn't I?

Streething, the group of local sneakerheads and streetwear aficionados, is having a get together today and I am debating as to whether I should go or not. Half of me want to while the other half has doubts...

I have met a lot of them and even play ball with them regularly and they are really nice guys, at least the ones I met. The thing is, I started on the wrong foot with these people. One of my ex staff used my original nick - ckliio9 - to enter their forum and created a huge negative impact on the members.

In the sneaker scene worldwide, yours truly is known as ckliio9 and while I may not have the biggest and most rare Jordan collection, I do have their respect with what I have. I have been in this game for such a long time that anyone who is into sneakers, especially Air Jordan's, would have at least heard about me.

Anyways, going back to the topic on hand, I had to painstakingly explain that the ckliio9 in their forum was an impostor and it definitely wasn't me. Honestly though, I will never ever challenge a group of sneakerheads to a battle even if I know I will win. The point is, you just don't try to undermine other people's collection; you just don't! It's a big no-no dude!

I am somewhat civil with a lot of them and as I’ve said, I have played basketball with them on a few occasions. But let’s be honest here; there is still this negative vibe surrounding our ‘friendship’. We don’t talk about it nor do we acknowledge it but we all know it is there… The reason? It’s as lame as you could ever think…

Sneaker pimpin’ in this country is a Chinese domain. All the major players and stalwarts are Chinese and only a handful of ‘Non-Chinese’ are in the game, and they’re insignificant at that. LOL

I’m not saying they are racists, no! They’re far from it… But one could not deny the feelings of ‘caution and skepticism’ when we are together. I mean, maybe I’m being paranoid but whenever I am around them, I feel that I am always being watched and that should I make any mistakes, no matter how trivial they may be, they are ready to pounce. Maybe I’m just being paranoid but still…

They know what kind of collection I have and though they’ve only seen a portion of my entire collection, I know they are impressed. But is this enough of a reason for me to go for the gathering?

Hmmm… I have another 4 hours to decide.


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