The thing that I do

I can't find the right words to describe how ecstatic and grateful I am that, as I welcome the New Year, I do so with a new perspective to life and new challenges in my career.

I am extremely happy that after shopping around for the right industry;, an industry that would allow me to pit my marketing knowledge and skills against the very best in the field, I finally found one in the form of the Mobile Technology industry...

If you’re into Brand Marketing like me, or if you thrive in the world of market competition, then I would suggest getting into the mobile technology industry. This industry is currently by far the most competitive, most vibrant and most dynamic vis a vis marketing challenges.

While technology is involved, it differs from the IT industry because unlike the latter, your main target audiences are the national consumers, similar to the FMCG industry. But what sets it apart from the more famous FMCG industry is that while the FMCG allows a marketer the luxury of year-long strategies, this industry doesn’t.

Of course you still need one but your marketing plan must accommodate changes as and when the need arises. Unlike FMCG, the development of products is updated almost on a monthly basis; everyday, value added services that would enhance consumer experiences are always developed and this trend would continue way into the future. It is therefore important that one needs to be on top of their game to adapt to these changes.

All throughout my professional career, I have always been involved in Brand Marketing. I make a living out of developing Brands and allowing the consumers to experience those brands. With a new career that is completely out of my comfort zone, i.e. FMCG, I am looking forward to fresh challenges and yet at the same time, I have a little fear in me; a fear that I know is unfounded but nevertheless, it silently whispers into my subconscious thoughts.

Whatever it is, I am still positive that I will do justice to the confidence given to me by my new employers. And only time will tell whether I have done a good job or not...


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