Merry Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho!

Tonight is Christmas Eve and I would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas; whether you celebrate it or not; whether you believe in it or not, I still want to wish you just the same…

In Malaysia, as usual, wishing someone via text or call will prove to be impossible, the Telco lines will be swamped with millions of people wishing their friends and families. As a resort, people tend to send their respective wishes hours before the clock strikes twelve.

Anyhow, I will be 'celebrating' Christmas on my own, most probably in my sleep! Yup, the chances are, by the time it is officially xmas, I will be deep into slumber land. I am going to play ball in Setiawangsa and will be leaving as soon as I enter this. Being painfully unfit having lived without any consistent exercises the last few months, I'm sure I'm gonna be dead tired when I get back.

So, before I forget to wish everyone, I may as well do it now: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


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