The last day of 2006

In 6 hours time, we will be welcoming the year 2007!

With it, I hope to burry the bad lucks of 2006 and look forward to the New Year with fresh hopes and aspirations.

Anyways, when I woke up this morning and when I checked the newspaper, the front and back pages of the Star screamed two conflicting headlines. The front page details the execution of Saddam Hussein while the back page highlights Man United's win over Reading.

Let us start with the hanging of the late Iraqi President; he was executed yesterday morning for the 'killings of 148 men and boys 1982". I am not a fan of Saddam but I admired him for his courage and bravery as well as his ability to control multi-ethnic Iraq, even if he did so in draconian ways. If George W. Bush thinks that the execution of the late dictator would solve the problems in Iraq, he is so wrong. But then again, the US president, as everyone knows, is the most stupid leader of any countries in the world today.

Personally, I think hanging Saddam only made him a martyr in the eyes of the majority of the Arab world. What people fail to understand is that, as a Sunni Muslim, he enjoyed the backing of the Arab world. Granted that his ways in running Iraq was questionable but he had no choice but to do as such. Iraq population is majority Shi'ah Muslims and if not for his dictatorial ways, Iraq would have been a state of civil war for many years.

Anyways, may he rest in peace; "Ina Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Raji-un".

For the good news, Man United has increased their lead over Chelsea by 6 points! Yet again, Christiano Ronaldo had a virtuoso performance, scoring 2 goals and making the other for Solsjkaer in leading the Red Devils to a 3-2 win over Reading at Old Trafford. To add insult to injury, United overpowered the team that held Chelsea to a 2-2 draw *smirk* Thank you Fulham!

As the Red Devils welcome 2007 with this inspiring victory, I hope my own hopes and expectations for the coming year will be just as inspiring.

Here's to 2007!


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