I'm glad 2006 is over...

2006 was generally a bad year for me. Actually, it was really, really a bad year. (Note that I used the past tense linking verb because I can't wait for it to end)

The year 2006 started on a high for me- a beautiful and nostalgic trip back to NYC with my Small Baby - but went downhill from thereon. And as the days went by, the downward stream continued. There were slight ups along the way but they were temporary and never lasted more than a day or two. Just when I thought that the end of the drought was forthcoming, I was back to where I started, and I somehow slid further down from where I was.

Such was the misery I had to endure during 2006. And as it finally comes to its end in a week or so, a tremendous sigh of relief breathes out of my soul. With the year 2007 merely days away, I am beyond excitement and words to express my hopes and wishes for the coming year.

But before I get to what I hope 2007 will bring me, I owe it to myself to have an honest retrospective look at 2006. Despite it being the worst year of my life, it brought about valuable lessons; lessons I will use as guiding principles ushering into the New Year. The year 2006 opened my eyes to a lot of aspects in my life. I learned a lot about myself and about the people around me.

On my Small Baby

She’s one of only two good things I have of 2006. She stood by me even when things went bad. She became my strength when things went from bad to worse. And despite having her own personal troubles herself, she still became my anchor and my rock as I painfully and painstakingly tried to work my way out of my bad lucks.

Her belief in me enabled me to remain sane; her unconditional love kept me alive and for all the other little things that she did to boost my flagging morale, I owe her my life, my soul…

For 2007:

I want to repay her faith, trust and love for me by being a better person; I know she wishes nothing more than this. I promise to live a more meaningful life and know my priorities and keep them right. And I promise I will listen to her more for she always means well and whatever she says has proven to be always right.

On my Family

The only other good thing I have. They stuck with me through thick and thin and even with all my imperfections, I was always able to count on them. They wanted nothing but for me to be the best person I can be and despite the differences we’ve always had, when the tough gets going, it is them that I can always count on.

For 2007:

I promise I will try to be the best that I can be. And irrelevant and minute this may sound; I will share by blessings with them more than what I have been doing in the past.

And especially to my parents, I promise to be a better Muslim.

On Friends

Save for a handful, I finally realized that I have no real friends. The ones that rode with me when I was on top of the world were nowhere to be found when I was down. I know for someone who is perceived to be smart by a lot of people, I was naïve to think that these people were really my friends and that, stupidly, I could count on them.

For 2007:

Besides those who managed to ease my burden, I have no more friends. I will start new friendships with caution and those whom I called friends before, should they want to continue with the friendship, I will start from scratch and need for them to gain my trust again.

Only this time, it is not going to be as easy as it was.

On My Career

I made the carnal mistake of thinking that I was always in-demand; that my successes made me a prized employee that would be welcomed anywhere. I also made the mistake of being such an idealist that I left my high-paying job for the dream job that I thought would bring total satisfaction.

For 2007:

Starting with a fresh career, I will give it the best of my abilities. And for whatever reasons, should I decide to move ship, I will only do so AFTER gaining employment first somewhere else.

On Myself

I made too many mistakes in 2006 that I wouldn’t even want to mention them here. Sufficed to say, they would remain at the back of my mind to remind me how big a fool I was and use them to have a better life from hereon.

For 2007:

I will listen to my Mom and my Small Baby more for they have my best interest at heart.
I promise to be a better Muslim.
I vow to keep my priorities right.
I won’t spend unnecessarily and maintain a healthy savings account.
I will treasure my family and CKL’s family more.
I will become a great marketer again and develop brands that will make a difference to other people.
I will not be caught in pointless and meaningless tirade.
And I will love my Small Baby more than I do now, if it’s possible.

Come 2007, I will celebrate life!

Here’s to the New Year!


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