I must be doing something right

One of things I was entrusted to do by my Small Baby when she left was to take care of her plants. Well, not really plants with an ‘s’ as it is only one vase but with two growing plants on it. Anyways, I was left with specific instruction to water the plants every day, if possible; and whenever possible, twice a day…

I was also instructed to report should they start growing flowers. You see, my Small Baby knows me well; she knows how forgetful I can be and she very well knows that I am one lazy dude...

Having to choose between returning the plants back to her dad and leaving it with me, I'm sure the logic thing would have been to chose the former as her dad would have taken care of them like the way she would wanted. But I guess, because she was pressed for time, she took a risk and left them with me those specific instructions.

Normally, because I am so forgetful and plain lazy, I would have totally forgotten to water them regularly. But so far, everyday without fail I water them and most of the times, I water them twice per her instruction. Not bad huh? hehehe

To be totally honest though, the reason why tend to remember to do these things is because I miss her all the time. And whenever I am feeling lonely from missing her, I remember her plants and because I truly love her, I drag my lazy ass off the bed or the couch and water them.

It's been two weeks now since my Small Baby's departure and never a day passed when I don't miss her; hence, I continued to take care of her and plants and did what I have to do.

And because I do it out of love, the plants have reciprocated and it sprouted a beautiful flower! I am so proud that with my careful care, I managed to coax a flower out of these plants. This led me to believe that when you do something out of love without any conditions attached, you can achieve something that you wouldn't have believed you could.

Small Baby, here's your little flower...

And I love you sooooooooo very much! Muah! Muah! Muah!


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