Finally, after narrowly escaping from back-to-back draw-bound games, Chelsea has dropped points!

In their last 4 games prior to the draw at Reading- against Arsenal, Newcastle, Everton and Wigan respectively - they were oh so lucky to even get a point. Any Chelsea fans will readily admit that they were indeed lucky to scrape through in these games. Granted that they are besieged with injury woes to their key players but it is their own fault that they do not have good back-ups.

In comparison, after our shock loss to West Ham, the Red Devils have won back-to-back matches; beating Aston Villa 3-0 and Wigan 3-1, with relative ease. The clinical finishing by Cristiano Ronaldo - who by the way is having his best year – has proved to be a great year for us and hopefully, we will carry this kind of form to the last 18 games.

Man United is now currently leading Chelsea by 4 points and are on their way to capturing the Premier League title.

Glory, Glory Man United!


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