Anxious Times...

This coming week will either be something I will forever be thankful for or it is gonna be a week that will further crash my already low-morale to an all time low... The coming days will see me announcing a new career - should I get either of the two high-profile positions I was interviewed for - or it will be back to the drawing board again and painfully search for the right answers to my questions of sorrows and despairs.

I went to see two multi-nationals last week and discussed the possibility of me joining them. The chances of landing one of these two lucrative positions are high considering how the interviews went but despite the nagging feelings of confidence, I am not going to count my eggs just as yet. Having learned a painful lesson a few months back, I will just go on living as usual and pray for the best.

I just hope everything goes as planned and hoped for; I just need this one so badly... I would like to start 2007 with a new phase in my life; new career, new direction, new opportunities and a new life.

My Small Baby and I have so much stuff planned for the coming year and hopefully, the process starts with some positive news this week.



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