Air Jordan V Drops today!

At last, after so many long years - 16 to be exact, the AJ V white/fire red-black colorway is dropping worldwide today, the 16th of December 2006. The V's were first retroed in 2000 with two colorways dropping - white/fire red and the black/met silver.

There are slight differences in the white/fire red of 2000 and the one that is releasing today; the tongues of 2000 are made of grey reflected ones while the one that just dropped has an all-black tongue. There is also the #23 is stitched on the latest release.

I have blogged about the Jordan V's last month and mentioned that the latter part of the year was solely concentrated on the release of this 1990 classic. 2006 started with the IV's onslaught, followed by the V's. In 2007, we will see the retroing of another classic, the III's - a favorite of many Jordan heads.

But unlike previous releases, I am not up to date with the V Fir Red's; I mean, I normally get my pairs before the release dates but lately, I have been lagging. I know I would eventually get them soon but I haven't had the same passion for collecting as of late. I'll probably get my pair a week or so late but hey, it ain't that bad...

Don't get me wrong, I still love my Air Jordan's to death but I just have a few personal stuff to sort out, and this resulted in the lack of interest. As previously blogged, this year hasn't been good to me and I would like to prioritize and address these issues first before I could focused back on my passion for Air Jordan's. I hate going into things half-heartedly and it is not fair for me to give half-baked passion towards the one brand that I am a slave to. I reckon, since I can't give it my 100% commitment at the moment, I might as well put it aside temporarily and go back to it after I have solved my other issues.

I'm sure the sneaker world is abuzz with the release of this classic; the V's have always been one of my favorites, it coincided with a lot of significant memories of my life... I just hope this release would also start a new beginning for me...

I can only hope and pray...


I miss my Small Baby sooooooooo very much! :(


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