15 days to Christmas...

There's 15 days to Christmas and here are my 15 wishes... I hope Santa's gonna read this and make them come true; after all, I have been nice this year *smile*

Growing up, we always celebrated Christmas even if we didn’t believe in it... I know it sounds confusing but it's simple really. As Muslims we don't buy the idea that Jesus Christ was born on Christmas day; but because of the surroundings where we grew up, it became almost like a cultural holiday for us...

1. My Small Baby would always be safe in her journeys
2. Something big is in store for me professionally
3. Man United wins the Premiership
4. Get myself another exclusive Air Jordan's
5. Happiness, More Blessings and Long Lives for my parents
6. Settle all my credit card debts
7. Save more money
8. Play more basketball
9. Visit NYC again
10. Go for a nice and relaxing holiday with my Small Baby
11. Happiness, More Blessings and Long Lives for CKL's parents
12. Be a part of some major changes in people's lives
13. Get myself and my Small Baby new cars
14. Be more focused on what's important in life
15. Become a better Muslim


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