When will this rain stop?

What's up with the rain in this country?

For the last few months, we have had nothing but rain, rain and more rain! I would love for sunny and humid summer to come back so that I can do some much needed exercise.

I am not health conscious, per se. I don't go to the gym or have some weekly event to exercise. Being a kid from the streets, I do my exercises in the streets. The current trend of having memberships to clubs, classes and gyms do not attract me at all. I like to go out there and enjoy what God has given us when I do my exercise.

And the only form of exercise that I enjoy is playing basketball and even at that, I prefer to sweat it out in an outdoor court. Sure, I could go and join the 'elitists' and play in indoor courts; wooden floors, glassed-boards and complete with shower facilities and all but I find these type of places to be suffocating. To me, the game of basketball must and should be played in the streets. This is the only way one could really feel what the game is all about.

And because of this 'rainy season' season that we seem to be going through right now, I haven't had a good sweat in a few months! Fucking weather! Fucking Rain! When will this fucking stop? *aarrrgggghhhh!!!!*

But more importantly, this rainy season seem to be in tuned with my miseries. Like the rain, I have had nothing but pure bad luck and melancholic living the last few months. And similar to how I'm longing for the sunny summer, I also hope that this phase in my life would come to and end soon.

And depsite all these, my faith is unmoved. I will soldier on knowing that the rain is God's gift to mankind and I know my faith in the Benevolent Allah would allow me to overcome these temporary setbacks...

And the sun will rise again...


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