When being the best is not enough

While Television is deemed as a form of entertainment most of the time, sometimes though, simple programs can teach us a thing or two even if the said program is purely intended for entertainment purposes only.

My small baby and I just finished watching the 2nd episode of Amazing Race Asia and we're both bummed out because one of our favorite teams were the first to be eliminated. The married couple from the Philippines - Ernie and Jennie - was our favorite from the beginning. Not only they are a strong team, they are also good people with a great sense of humor.

But despite the fact that they are the best team in the race, they were still the first to go. It had nothing to do with their inability to do the tasks, far from it actually, but they still finished last because of - and purely - bad luck.

This is the story behind this entry. Like Ernie and Jennie, there are people who are the best in their respective fields and yet, they fall behind those who are blessed with good luck. I am one of those people...

I like to think and I truly believe that am good, great even, at what I do and yet, I am at the lowest point of my life right now. There was a time when multi-national FMCG organizations go out of their limbs to recruit me. As soon as it was known in the market that I was available, these organizations frantically call my head hunter or me personally and offer me the moon and the starts.

Lately, I can't even get an interview to discuss the possibility of me joining a company. Of course, there are still those who are eager for me to join them and I'm thankful but my point is, it used to be 10 times more than that.

Have I lost my touch at 34? And here I am thinking that I am yet to reach my full potential! The joke is on me, I guess... I really need to have a serious look at my life, no? Maybe Allah SWT is making me realize the mistakes and arrogance I have had in the past; maybe He wants to show me that I am not that great at all...

The fall from perceived greatness to nothing but a struggling employee has humbled me. I have now come to the realization that the world is an unforgiving place to those who are complacent even if you seemed and perceived to be the best.

Trust me, being the best is not enough to make the world your own personal oyster. It takes way more than that and we must always be thankful with whatever we have, even if we think we deserve more for it is not up to us to determine what we deserve and what we don't. We can only do our best and hope for the best...


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