What happened to the sanctity of marriage?

What happened to it?

What really happened to it?

What happened to the vows of being together forever?

Has Marriage turned into something of a 'try and if it doesn't work we divorce' type of commitment? Has it been reduced to nothing but a part of life experiences?

While the practice of divorce is common in the western world, it is alarming to know that in Malaysia, couples seem to take the easy way out nowadays by calling it quits whenever a marriage hits rock bottom.

And I am not talking about old couples! I am talking about married couples in their 20’s! It is not surprising to read in the papers and/or to hear about a father who left his wife and children for a younger woman; but the amount of young couples who divorce after a few years of marriage is ever increasing.

This is somewhat the current trend in this country and honestly, it makes want to puke in disgust! Call me old-fashioned but I believe in the sanctity of marriage – not just from any religious, racial and cultural point of view – and it repulses me that more and more young couple do this, for whatever reasons.

Whatever happened to the ‘love’ these people shared? Whatever happened to those beautiful moments when you take someone to be yours for eternity? What happened to love?

In this advanced age of globalization, Malaysians seem to be going backward morally and culturally. Or does our definition of globalization include the adoption of western values? And forsaking ours in the process?

I’m not saying couples shouldn’t divorce when all possible solutions to their problems have been exhausted. Even in Islam, divorce is permissible but only as the last resort.

But my point is, why rush into marriage in the first place? Why so ‘gatal’ to get hitched if you aren’t really sure?

Just last week, I was told that a couple, both of whom I personally know and who were still young puppies during my clubbing days, are divorcing after only 3 years of being married. Not that their divorce is any of my concern but they could have prevented it if only they waited a little longer to get to know each other well.

But this seems to be the latest trend in the country right now. There are too many 20-something divorcees right now, some are not even allowed to legally vote! So, the next time you hit the clubs, don’t be surprised to bump into someone who thinks they know the world just because they have been married and divorced.

This leaves me thinking about the future of our children? What does the future hold for them? Will they live in a world where bearing and raising children - without the sanctity of marriage or any other moral, cultural and religious commitment – is an acceptable norm?

We are indeed moving the wrong way… And no matter how fast or how much we develop as a nation, we will always be at the wrong end; even worst, when the price of such development shrinks our moral, cultural and religious beliefs to nothing but words.

Are we really developed then?


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