Sweet November

A few years back, I remember watching a beautiful love story starring Keanu Reeves and the classically exquisite Charlize Theron. It was a classic example of the things we do for love... Keanu's character sacrificed his successful advertising career to take care of the dying Charlize Theron; a selfless act borne out of one's pure and unadulterated love.

As the theme song from the movie keeps on reverberating in my mind, it reminds me of our current situation, only slightly different... My Small baby is leaving this week and only God knows how much I am going to miss her. I have touched on the reasons of her departure in a previous entry and suffice to say, she is doing it out of love for me - and our situation.

In return, out of unconditional love for the one woman who has captured my whole being and despite the wrenching emptiness her departure would bring me, I am still very supportive of her decision; not for anything else but I genuinely know the kind of happiness she would get from flying again.

As the month of November comes to an end, so does my Small Baby's aching to fly again. As the days of the month trickles, so does her frustration... In the few days that are left in the month of November, I am going to bid a temporary farewell to the one woman, besides my glorious mother, whom I would give my life to...

3 months is not a long time, especially when you are already looking forward to her return even when she hasn’t left yet... Moreover, these particular flights she's doing is good 'ibadah'; ferrying Muslim Pilgrims to Makkah for Hajj is great for the soul.

This is my personal 'Sweet November'; the beginning of my Small Baby’s journey to reclaim her lost sparkle back... And as I hear Enya’s 'Only Time' echoing in mind, I could only smile…


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