Sometimes, happiness comes at a price...

In a previous entry, I mentioned that my small baby loves her job.

She loves to fly and serve people on board. She loves inter-acting with passengers in her capacity as a flight stewardess. To her, each interface - good or otherwise - she learns more about humans in general. It is common knowledge that a lot of people view cabin crew as their personal butlers on board who are only there to attend to their whims and fancies. Some pathetic low-lives even find it degrading...

But my small baby still loves being one!

As mentioned previously, she is waiting for MAS to finalize their corporate restructuring so that she could go back to work, back to doing what she loves most. In the interim however, she'd been a bit disappointed and stressed out with the long wait and have lost the sparkle I am accustomed to.

She knows that, to get out of this slump, she needed to be on air again. And while remaining loyal to her employer, turning down an offer from Air Asia in the process, she still felt that she had to do something to keep her sanity. The best route to keep the two is to get temporary employment from some other airlines where she wouldn't be bonded for years so that she could report back to Malaysian Airlines as and when needed.

Being great at what she does - top student in the MAS academy as well as recipient of numerous commendations from passengers - she continuously receives offers from different airline companies but none of them interested her as her loyalty unwaveringly remains with Malaysian Airlines.

Torn between wanting to fly again and being steadfast in her loyalty to MAS, she found the perfect remedial in the form of an offer from an airline that catered to seasonal chartered flights. She went for an interview yesterday and because on her unparallel success and work experiences, they immediately told her that she is in if she wants the job.

Great news, isn't it? Not only could she remain loyal to MAS, she could also be flying again for the next 3 months, therefore addressing both her concerns. But here's the catch: she will be based in India during these months and she would be leaving this Tuesday!

I know it is so sudden but I am still so happy for her, I really am! I know that flying again would make her happy and her happiness is the source of mine. To see her happy is enough for me to put aside the loneliness I would be feeling during the times she would be gone.

I would be lying if I said I have no qualms about her leaving; of course I do... I have never been away from her for this long and I seriously don’t know how I would cope but the fact remains, this opportunity gives her the happiness that only flying could. And because I know what kind of happiness it would afford her, I owe it to myself to be her rock; her pillar of strength this time around. Just like the way she had been for me all this while.

If her happiness comes with a price, then it is something I am willing to pay for. Afterall, all I want is for my small baby to be happy...


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