One Tree Hill

I am a man of many complexities.

There are many things I like to do and they are as different as the sun and the moon. A lot of my friends know that I am crazy about Jordan shoes but those who are very close to me know that I am a TV bum as well.

But because I don't have the luxury of following specific shows weekly - and I hate the waiting part as well - I normally get hold of the entire season episodes and watch them at one go.

I first watched One Tree Hill approximately 3 years ago. The only reason why I wanted to watch it then was because it centered around basketball, a sport which I am passionate about. In a nutshell, the show is about two brothers who are live two different lives and the only thing that binds them is the game of basketball and the fact that they have the same father.

Like any other top-rated shows, this one revolves around the life and times of the two protagonists but what initially attracted me to the show - besides the basketball backdrop - is the fact that Nathan (the rich brother) wears Jordan stuff all throughout the 1st season. As the first season went on, I even found myself comparing the clothes he had to mine. LOL

But as the show progressed, I began to like it more. It brought me back to my time in High School - basketball, cheerleaders, the awkward and poignant memories - and the entire storyline kept me eagerly anticipating for the next one, and before you know it, I was hooked!

As in all the shows that I am hooked to nowadays, I always have a favorite character. In One Tree Hill, I like Peyton the most. Between the female casts, she had always been my favorite and for the longest time, I wanted to see her end up with Lucas but I'm sure this would not happen as he is in-love with Brooke, the most attractive and the perfect specimen of a High School babe.

I like Peyton because of the intricacies of her life. She is not your typical cheerleader and yet she is on the team. She listens to great music - music that most of her age has no clue about. She loves misery and loneliness and yet, she could be counted by her friends.

In short, she is a girl with many complexities, just like me.

People like Peyton - and to a lot of extent myself - are often misunderstood; or rather, we uncannily make other people misunderstand us, albeit unintentionally. My previous entry entitled "I am tired" is an example of the misunderstandings people have of me.

My life is full of complexities, just like Peyton's. The only difference between our lives is that hers is fictional and mine is real...


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