New York State of Mind

It's a Sunday today!

And like any other Sundays, my day doesn't start until around noon. I was never a morning person and I still am not but because situations dictate, I need to drag my lazy ass out of bed during the weekdays to get to work.

But today is Sunday and Sundays are my 'New York State of Mind' day! It is the day when I get to do nothing but chill and look forward to spending my afternoons in Taman Setiawangsa (where I still maintain an apartment), a beautiful and cozy residential enclave, playing basketball and just catching up with what's happening... Oh, and of course, having dinner at 'Jumaah', Setiawangsa's famed mamak restaurant.

My Sundays in Setiawangsa is very similar to the ones I had and very much enjoyed growing up in New York. It gives me the same feeling - the surroundings, the close-knit community, the guys at the court, the after-game dinner and a host of other similarities - that I had and now miss.

Of course, they are two different worlds, two different cities and two different peoples... But despite the conspicuous differences between these two, I somehow find the tangible and intangible similarities about them; the greenery of the park, the feeling of security, the wooden benches, unused jogging path and I can go on and on....Sure I am the only one who thinks that way but then again, I am also the only one who lived in both places.

The Sundays I remember the most growing up in New York is waking up late, followed always by a sumptuous family brunch that my beloved mom cooks herself; after that, it's to each their own and mine is always spent chilling with my friends at a park in Brooklyn Heights where we play ball until sunset. Then, off to dinner at our regular pizza joint near the park. Unless of course, it is the weekend that the new Air Jordan's just dropped; then our Sunday afternoons are spent in the city, buying them and admiring them all through the ride back home...

My Sundays in KL are very much similar, except for my mom's absolutely heavenly home-cooked meals. I wake up late, grab something to eat and then off to Setiawangsa, where I spend my entire afternoons playing ball, catching up with the guys and listening to their stories that totally humor me until today, then off to Jumaah where we always have dinner.

My Sundays may be routinely mundane but it keeps me sane and acts as my gateway to some normalcy in my life, even if it is only for a day... And this is why I love my Sundays - they remind me of my past, allow me to connect it with my present and keep me focused towards my future…


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