A Lost Sparkle

My small baby loves her job.

She loves it so much that anyone could see the happiness in her face.

Despite the repeated ordeals that she had to go through every time she went to work - the hours of preparation, the ungodly times spent waiting for her van to pick her up, the long hours she had to endure in all her flights, the sometimes inconsiderate passengers, drama queen-types of lead and/or chief steward(ess) - she always had a sparkling happy face.

But ever since her contract expired, she somehow had lost a little of that sparkle... While she would definitely be renewed, having been recommended for renewal by the management, her contract ended at the wrong time possible. It was at the time when the new management of MAS started rolling their plans to revamp the entire operation, causing her renewal to be temporarily pushed to another date; to a time when the company has finalized all its revamped destinations.

At least, she got to keep her MAS belongings - check-in bag, tag, uniform, etc - when those who belong to the batches that followed hers were all required to return back theirs. She and her batch mates know that they would be renewed, at least those who were recommended for renewal anyways.

But having being 'on-ground' the last few months, her total outlook had changed; she's no longer the same happy-faced woman I am accustomed to. And what makes it even sadder and harder is my incapability to coax her out of this melancholic state.

As I hopelessly see my small baby falling deeper into her 'depression' from being 'grounded' and not flying anymore - albeit temporarily - I wish I can do something to help elevate her emotional sadness but right now, the times are rough for both of us an individuals, and for us as a couple...

How I long to see that sparkle back in her face again! That sweet and heart-melting smile she had that never fails to make my knees buckle, and the one I think of whenever I need a lift...

Right now, I feel lost; inadequate even and worst, I feel the pain that she's going through... I just wish I can do something; something to put that sparkle back onto her angelic face...

I know it'll come back and I eagerly wait for that day.


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