Ice Creams or Pain Killers?

As a kid, I always ended up with a massive toothache whenever I had ice cream! LOL

And it is truly ironic that, having decided that I would be more inclined to start living in reality as opposed to continuing with my current dream job, I am faced with these two options right now. Last Friday, my head-hunter - a wonderful human being who always comes through for me whenever I am up for a career change - called me up around 11:30 pm and told me that she had been talking to a few organizations that were keen to have me join them.

After short listing them in order of what I was looking for, we arrived at two: the 1st one is the world's biggest F&B organization that has been around for more than 100 years and the other is the world's biggest healthcare company, with a history that goes way back to the 18th century! The former is headquartered in Switzerland while the latter is based in the UK but with primary operations in the Untied States; both have strong presence in over a 100 countries and both have undisputed brand leaders in their respective categories.

Both also offered attractive and very lucrative packages; offers that are downright foolish for anyone to turn them down. But my decision is not going to be based on which company offers me more. The criteria I am mostly looking for circle around which company can provide me with the bigger challenge. I am a sucker for challenges and there's nothing I covet more in my professional life than the ability to compete with the so-called market leaders! The very notion that I am in a battle or in a war for market leadership and market share, brings out the beast (and the best) in me!

Anyways, I had an interview with the Swiss-based company 1st and after the meeting with the Country Manager, I guess I managed to impressed him with my occupational experiences as well as with my vision for the brands should they decide to employ me, because I was offered the post of Group Brands Manager in charge of their ice cream portfolio! The GBM position is de facto the Marketing Manager for that group of brands...

One down, one to go...

Last Tuesday, I went for my interview with the other organization. I was there for a Senior Brand Manager position, with special focus on brand communications, for their line of world-renowned pain killers. I was supposed to meet the HR Manager, and if he thinks I'm the right person for the job, will then recommend me to the Marketing Manager, who will make the final recommendations to the management.

But as luck would have it, the dude came down with a nasty diarrhea and was on medical leave that day! I was ushered into the HR department by this wonderful, middle-aged employee who explained to me that due to the HR Manager's absence, I would have to meet the Marketing Manager instead and was requested to wait a while.

To make my waiting bearable, this wonderful HR lady and I had a chat; we just talked about basically everything - my upbringing, education, work experiences - and she in turn told me about her years with the company, her kampung in Parit Buntar, her family, etc. She was a very kind lady, even if she was just doing her work, and I truly appreciated her company even if it was for only 10-15 minutes.

We were interrupted when the HR Director told her that he wanted to see me instead. As I walked to his room, I told myself, "why would he want to see me?"

When I was in front of him, he told me that he chanced upon my CV and felt that, based on my previous occupational experiences, I am more suited for a position he had in mind, one that offers bigger challenges and ranks higher than that of a Marketing Manager!

During the interview, at the back of my mind, I kept on telling myself, "you're one lucky dude!" hahahahaha I had a good interface with the HR Director and was completely sold. He told me the expectations from the position and what it entailed. I was overwhelmed with the prospect of joining this company for it accorded me with the opportunity to produce great work. We ended the interview with him telling me that he would fast track my application and would immediately arrange an audience with the Country Manager.

As I was driving back home, I could really see me being a good fit with that company - they have something that I want and I think I can offer something positive to the company. As soon as I reached home, I got a call from the HR Director and told me that the meeting with the Country Manager was fixed at 4 pm today.

I was ecstatic! I was beyond overjoyed. I kept telling myself that I must have made a good impression on the HR Director *smile* I went to see the Country Manager - an Indian national who is in his mid 30's - this afternoon. I can't say I convinced him 100% that I am the right person for the position. There were times during the interview when I stumbled and had difficulties explaining or answering his questions. *sad and wishful*

After over an hour of interview, he told me that they will inform me of their decision by next week. Even if the interview with the Country Manager did not go as well as I hoped, I’m still quite positive (and hopeful) that I will still be offered a position with their organization.

I may be jumping the gun here but supposing they do offer me, which one should I take?

Should I go with the ice cream where my relationship with the country head is very good? Or should I go with my instinct and choose the painkiller even when I know it’s not going to be a smooth ride?

Ice Cream or Painkillers?

Painkillers or Ice Cream?



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