The Amazing Race Asia

The race starts tomorrow!

My small baby and I have always been a fan of the show and now that they have an Asian Edition, the more reason why we will be glued to the telly.

Having seen the trailers the past few weeks, the anticipation for the show is building. It's hard not to be drawn to the show, and the hype that it created, since the trailers are always in your face whenever the TV is on, whatever channels you watched.

Like the original, my small baby always tends to have her pre-show favorites. In the previous races, she always favored those who were not so serious; those who tend to have as much fun as they could during the race. She can't stand those who were always arguing about anything and everything and those who lose their sense of humanity.

For the Asian Edition, based on the trailers, her pre-show favorites are the married couple from the Philippines, as well as the two Channel V producers from Malaysia. Me on the other hand, I am gonna root for the teams from Malaysia and the Philippines *smile* Hey, I am half-and-half of both countries so naturally, I will root for them!

What I don't understand though is why are the participants from Thailand, Hong Kong and half of the team from Sri Lanka non-Asians? I mean, why do Caucasians have to represent these countries? Don't they have any more Asians who qualify to represent them? I just find it odd and completely absurd that non-Asians represent Asian countries. That’s all...

Are Asians deemed too boring to compete by themselves? Or is this another way to show us that it's the Caucasians who occupy the sits of the powers that be?

Whatever it is, I'm gonna be glued to AXN every Thursday, starting from tomorrow!

Let the race begin!


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