Going Home :) Part II

Yesterday, My Small Baby and I spent the day just walking through the city, savoring the cosmopolitan-ness that could only be New York City. We also watch my beloved Knicks play and I kind anew they were gonna lose but what the heck; they are still my favorite team in the League.

I am not a morning person, not at all. But whenever I am in New York, I am up early and ready to face the day and this morning, I woke up earlier than My Small Baby, much to her surprise and delight.

Today was the day I was going to get my second pair of DMP’s and I can’t wait! Our day started with a trip to Niketown and when we got there, there was a queue outside and hoping that I can score another pair, I joined the queue but after a few minutes, we were told that the DMP’s are sold out!

Queuing up in Niketown

Oh well…

My friends, Tsikenjoy and Big Jack, arrived shortly. They came all the way from Jersey to hand me my 2nd pair :) I do have great friends don’t I?

We went to this nearby restaurant to have breakfast and finished the deal and I finally got my 2nd pair! You will never know the feeling of having this golden box unless you experience it yourself.

My Sneakerhead friends - tsiken, Big Jack and me

Sweet, sweet DMP's!

Mission accomplished!

Having gotten what I wanted from the trip, we then went back to Niketown to see what are the latest J's they have and afterwards, just went around the city, visiting the famous landmarks such as the Trump Tower and a host of other such landmarks.

Tsiken and Big Jack checking out the J's

My Favorite area in any Niketown :)

Small Baby and I in our future Penthouse pad :)

A must-have pic for Sneakerheads

That's the Waldorf-Astoria; need I say more?

Next post: New York at night...


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