Going Home :)

I need the Air Jordan DMP's in my life!

I had a few options on getting them but not wanting to take any chances, I took the rather more financially difficult way of scoring them for myself.

I decided to fly all the way to the city where I grew up and the city that I call home; the place that opened my eyes to the wonders and bitterness of the real world, the one place that provides me the kind of comfort that only mothers’ womb could.

I know it sounds kinda over the top and crazy to be flying halfway around the world for a pair (or two) of sneakers. But ask any bona fide sneakerhead and they will tell you that the craziness associated with such passion is acceptable for it’s the passion that we think of as opposed to the lunacy of doing as such.

Anyways, here is my journey in trying to score one of the most exclusive Air Jordan’s to have ever dropped, chronicled in lots and lots of pictures…

Enjoying my Nescafe and Cigarettes transit at Stockholm

My Small Baby has to take a picture of her 'office' :)

Inhaling the air that could only found in the city of New York…

New Yorkers start their day with a Starbucks breakfast

Times Square: the center of the world!

And when you're in my city, you need to visit the Mecca of of the game of basketball, the Madison Square Garden.

And what’s a visit to MSG without watching my beloved Knocks play eh? They may suck big time right now but I still love them and I don’t give a fuck what y’all think!

End of day one.

Tomorrow, I am going to get my DMP's :)


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